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FORBIX Osaühing wireless nurse call system


Wireless nurse call system

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Wireless nurse call system works on advanced radio frequency technology. This helps to connect nurse call button to the nurse station without wireless. Since there is no wiring involved, therefore, there is no need of installation. And moreover, there is no future maintenance. However, there is no limitation to the signal range as well, with the introduction of boosters. Hence, boosters can forward signals to any possible distance within the building.

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarms


Wireless alarms

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FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarms and security systems span from few 100m to over 2-3Kms. However the alarm device triggers with the help of remote controller from a distance. Moreover, the wireless alarm extensively used in commercial and residential buildings. Long range alarms rather deployed at army patrolling areas and border security force. Because of its dynamic design the wireless alarm system are expandable and scalable. Hence, plenty of ready to use customized configuration available. Moreover, PLC triggered and automatic wireless alarms also integratable.

FORBIX Osaühing restaurant waiter calling system


Restaurant waiter calling system

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FORBIX Osaühing produces the world’s most elegant wireless restaurant waiter calling system. The restaurant waiter calling system consists of a count of 32 remote controllers. Each remote controller on the table can call the waiter. Moreover, the restaurant waiter call system is scalable from a few tables to 32 tables. Further, the receiver unit in the kitchen alerts duty waiter with respective indicator. In addition, a beeping sound alerts the waiter. However, the whole system needs neither any wiring nor maintenance. Thanks to its RF wireless technology and its long life battery.

FORBIX SEMICON air quality monitors


Air quality monitors handheld

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Air quality monitors has now become a necessity of modern world. FORBIX Osaühing air quality monitors measures the presence of impurities in the ambient air. Because, the air we breathe contains dust (particulate matter), carbon dioxide (CO2), and even VOCs. These poses potential health hazard for people especially indoors. Therefore, with the air quality figures, users can now take corrective action. However, FORBIX Osaühing air quality monitor follows standard laid by OSHA, NAAQS and EPA.

FORBIX Osaühing 2 remote siren system


2 remote siren system

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2 remote siren system is a panic alarm solution for indoor building applications. Whether it may be factory, office, school, or any building, pressing a remote triggers the siren. Though the remote signal range is around 20-30 meters indoors. But it is possible to increase the range further by the use of repeaters. Further, many siren receivers can deploy in a building. And then with the press of a remote every one of them can trigger. This remote siren system is gaining popularity all across the world at a speedy pace.

FORBIX Osaühing manager call bell


Manager call bell system

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Manager call bell system is a coalescence of 8 calling remotes and 1 attendant remote. Each remote control has 3 options. To call pantry or housekeeping or a security. The attendant in the respective perimeter, gets an alerts with a beeping sound. The attendant carries a remote with him. When the attendant has finished with the manager, he can deactivate the call by the press of a remote.

FORBIX Osaühing 1 caller 3 receiver


1 caller 3 receiver

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1 caller and 3 receiver comprises of a battery operated transmitter and 3 receivers. The calling transmitter has a signal range of 20-30 meters. It incorporates 6 buttons, 2 for each receiver. Green buttons are to call and the red ones are to cancel once attended. The 3 peons get alert by beep sound and a visual indicator. The receivers run on 12 volt power supply adapter.

FORBIX Osaühing 1 transmitter 2 receiver with acknowledgement


1 transmitter 2 receiver with ACK

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1 caller and 2 receiver system has a unique ability to send back response signals from the receivers. Both the receivers have inbuilt acknowledgement mechanism. On press of call button from the transmitter, the receiver blinks indicator first. Soon after that, an acknowledge signal travels from the receiver to the caller. This indicator acts as a confirmation signal to the caller. The signals travel over air and use wireless technology.

FORBIX Osaühing call bell for the elderly


Call bell for the elderly

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Call bell for the elderly people is a boon in the healthcare and personal alertness. The set has 2 remote controllers and receiver unit. The remotes in the hand of old aged people when pressed alerts attendant. It is also possible to hang the remotes around the collar. When in distress, emergency or need the elderly person press the remote. The signals can travel through walls, concrete, furniture. Indoor signal range is 20-30 meters. Remotes can be in a set of 2 to 9 numbers if needed.

FORBIX Osaühing remote control token display 3-digit


Remote token display 3-digit

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Remote control token display is a solution for dispensaries, banks to manage queue. A consultation / doctor / teller in the chamber has a remote controller. Outside the room a 3-digit display, indicates the next token number. Pressing the top button on the remote, hence increments the token number by 1. A customer / patient possessing the displayed token walks in the room. Moreover, the remotes interacts with the token display over wireless link. Further, the token display has inbuilt battery to memorise the token number, in an even of power loss.

FORBIX Osaühing 1 remote 2 receiver call bell


1 remote 2 receiver call bell

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1 remote 2 receiver call bell is a simple set designed to cater small office requirements. The complete set comprises of a remote controller and 2 receiver units. Pressing the top button alerts the first peon. Whereas, pressing the bottom button send signals to the second receiver peon. Not only the system is simple and easy to use, but it is robust and long lasting as well. The remote battery runs for around 2-3 years without power getting drained. However, the receivers operate on power supply. Indoors it can cover 8-10,000 sq feet of area.

FORBIX Osaühing 8 remote peon call bell


8 remote peon call bell

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Wireless peon call bell system is the demand of next generation smart offices. Pressing a remote instantly alerts the peon. Likewise, 8 such calling officers can all a common attendant / housekeeping. However, the system needs no installation or wiring or even any maintenance. Further, the remotes for peon call bell can scale from a few couple of remotes to even 100 remotes. The wireless remote signals from easily pass through office walls and furnitures. So whether to call a pantry guy or housekeeping, the 8 remote call bell come handy.

FORBIX Osaühing remote control timer counter


Remote control timer counter

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Remote control timer counter is a system designed for factories and operation theaters. Pressing the top button starts the clock ticking. The counter timer starts from 00:00 to 99:59. The remote however can start, halt and reset the timer. Moreover, the counter runs on internal RTC (real time clock). Applications like medical operations, sports, lab experiments etc. needs a timer counter often. This solution helps them all.

FORBIX Osaühing remote control traffic light


Remote control traffic light

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Wireless remote control traffic light system is an innovative method to maneuver traffic. By a wireless RF remote controller, traffic lights can now turns RED/GREEN. However, the remote control is either handheld or mounted on the pole. Changing the lights is automatic for the next 10-15 seconds. Hence, this allows pedestrians to cross the roads safely. Moreover, it is possible to connect the pedestrian signaling system to sensors. Further, these possibly can be vehicle or human detection sensors.

FORBIX Osaühing is electronic product design company. Factory produces various wireless automation solutions and wireless call system. This includes wireless nurse call systems, wireless alarms and restaurant waiter call bells. We fabricate a variety of transmitter and receiver that supports signals from 100 to even 2-3 kms. Apart from these company also produces indoor air quality monitors.

FORBIX Osaühing located in Tallinn Estonia, and is an allied partner of FORBIX SEMICON India Pvt Ltd.

Phone number (Estonia)

+372 880 1510

By now, over 10,000+ customers all over the world are benefiting from FORBIX Osaühing products. The primary products are wireless nurse call system and wireless alarms. These wireless solutions are in extensive demand. This is because of its simplicity and no installation principle. However, the communication range is never a problem with the introduction of repeater boosters.

Since most of our designs are scalable, this is an advantage to customer deployments. Wireless nurse call systems can expand from a few numbers to even as much as for the 6000+ sets. And moreover, without altering the existing system. Because of this, FORBIX Osaühing wireless solutions are serving market at a rapid pace.