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FORBIX Osaühing is electronic product design company. Factory produces various wireless automation solutions and wireless call system. This includes wireless nurse call systems, wireless alarms and restaurant waiter call bells. We fabricate a variety of transmitter and receiver that supports signals from 100 meters to even 3-4 kms. Apart from these company also produces indoor air quality monitors and wireless traffic light controllers.

FORBIX Osaühing located in Tallinn Estonia, and is an allied partner of FORBIX SEMICON India Pvt Ltd.

Phone number (Estonia)

+372 880 1510

By now, over 10,000+ customers all over the world are benefiting from FORBIX Osaühing products. The primary products are wireless nurse call system and wireless alarms. These wireless solutions are in extensive demand. This is because of its simplicity and no installation principle. However, the communication range is never a problem with the introduction of repeater boosters.

Since most of our designs are scalable, this is an advantage to customer deployments. Wireless nurse call systems can expand from a few numbers to even as much as for the 6000+ sets. And moreover, without altering the existing system. Because of this, FORBIX Osaühing wireless solutions are serving market at a rapid pace.

Nurse call introduction

Wireless nurse call system with 24×7 data recording

Wireless nurse call system works on advanced radio frequency technology. This helps to connect nurse call button to the nurse station without any wire. No wiring means, no installation. And moreover, there is no future maintenance. Further, there is no limitation to the signal range . Thanks to the repeater boosters. The repeaters can forward signals from remotes to nurse station.


Wireless calling system features and advantages

* Wire free and installation free
* Long range signals that can pass through walls
* Repeater signal boosters for range enhancement
* Running at over 10,000+ hospitals worldwide

* 24×7 data recording
* 250+ calling points on 1 display console
* Light weight handy remote control calling
* IP65 waterproof calling point for washrooms
* Customized configuration possible
* Over 6500+ independent transmitters possible

The latest advancement comes with 24×7 data logger facility. This feature enables to record, calling and turn around attending time. It also helps in doing weekly or monthly profiling. The system runs on internal RTC (real time clock). Every day’s log file is accessible over hotspot WiFi.

FORBIX Osaühing wireless nurse call system

Wireless nurse call system

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Handheld pager unit. This is a very advanced receiver set. Runs on rechargeable battery. Capable to receiving signals from 6 separate calling points. Range of signals ~100 meter in outdoors.


  • Nurse call system in hospitals
  • Restaurant waiter calling systems
  • Office peon call bells
  • Calling system for elderly people
  • Factory machine to machine interaction
  • Panic alarm system introduction

    Wireless panic alarm system 100m to 2-3Kms

    FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarms and security systems span from few 100m to over 2-3Kms. However the alarm device triggers with the help of remote controller from a distance. Moreover, the wireless alarm extensively used in commercial and residential buildings.

    Wireless panic alarm features and advantages

    * Wire free and installation free
    * Short range systems (~100m)
    * Long range systems (2-3Kms)
    * Sirens with audible sound 100m to even 1 km (or more)

    * Remote trigger long range transmitter
    * Weatherproof units with metallic enclosures
    * Customized configuration possible


  • Panic alarm for residential purpose
  • Gated community alarm systems
  • Alarms for defence and security forces
  • Patrolling alarm systems
  • Long range wireless alarms for industries
  • Wireless hooters for factories
  • Alert systems for elevators
  • Alarms to prevent domestic violence at homes
  • FORBIX Osaühing wireless nurse call system

    Wireless nurse call system

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    Long range alarms rather deployed at army patrolling areas and border security force. Because of its dynamic design the wireless alarm system are expandable and scalable. Hence, plenty of ready to use customized configuration available. Moreover, PLC triggered and automatic wireless alarms also integratable.