Air monitor

YellowFox-1 dust monitor, PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10.0 device

FORBIX air monitor YellowFox1 is a dust quality monitoring device. This air monitor is a handheld device. It has advanced LASER based monitoring technology (particle counter) at its core. However, the battery operated unit makes it portable and handy. The device is capable of measuring PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10.0. Hence it covers all particulate matter air impurities in the ambient air we breathe.

Model: YellowFox1

GOOD – Blue- readings 0-100 μg/m³
NORMAL – Green – readings 100-200 μg/m³
POOR – Yellow – readings 200-300 μg/m³
ALARM – Red – readings 300 and above μg/m³

FORBIX Osaühing air monitor YellowFox1 dust PM2.5

YellowFox1 dust PM2.5 air monitor

Dust monitor PM2.5

YellowFox-2 air monitor, carbon dioxide meter, temperature and humidity

YellowFox2 model measures carbon dioxide accurately. In addition to this it also measures ambient temperature and humidity. First of all the carbon dioxide monitor device checks, how clean or stale is the breathing air. However, CO2 increases in a closed room environment. Further, the CO2 meter deploys the latest technology NDIR sensor. NDIR (non dispersive infra red) technology. Furthermore, the detection mechanism based on absorption of specific frequencies. This absorption is possible in the IR band only, hence the name. And finally the air in and exhaust controlled with fans in the air monitor.

Model: YellowFox2

GOOD – Blue- readings 200-600 ppm
NORMAL – Green – readings 600-1200 ppm
POOR – Yellow – readings 1200-1800 ppm
ALARM – Red – readings 1800 and above ppm

Temerature: 0°C – 50°C
Humidity: 0-100 %rH

FORBIX Osaühing carbon dioxide monitor

YellowFox2 carbon dioxide monitor

Carbon dioxide temperature humidity monitor

YellowFox-3 air monitor, VOC and Formaldehyde measurement

YellowFox3 model measures VOC especially Formaldehyde. Volatile organic compound (VOC) is a combination of rather various different obnoxious gases. However, the VOC monitor is specially calibrated for gaseous Formaldehyde (HCHO) measurement. The VOC monitor is a battery operated handheld device. Moreover, the LCD display shows the present concentration of VOC. Further, the sensor sucks in the ambient air from the front face. And finally it leaves the bottom of the device with a fan exhaust.

Model: YellowFox3

GOOD – Blue- readings 0.000-0.050 ppm
NORMAL – Green – readings 0.050-0.080 ppm
POOR – Yellow – readings 0.080-0.120 ppm
ALARM – Red – readings 0.120 and above ppm

FORBIX Osaühing VOC Formaldehyde monitor

YellowFox3 VOC monitor

VOC Formaldehyde monitor

More about air pollutant and air monitors

In today’s urban world monitoring the quality of air has become very essential. The air we breathe is full of pollutants like pollen grains, dust, and even natural and chemical smell. Therefore, FORBIX Osaühing has designed three primary models of air monitor:
1) Dust monitor: that measures PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10.0 (code name: YellowFox1)
2) CO2 monitor: that measures carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity (code name: YellowFox2)
3) VOC monitor: that measures volatile organic compounds, especially Formaldehyde (code name: YellowFox3)

What are the different types of pollutants?
1) Physical particles viz. dust, pollen grains, human tissue, smoke particles, carbon residues etc.
2) Natural pollutant like carbon dioxide. However, all living beings, plants, humans, exhale CO2. Carbon dioxide is also a major product of vehicles, factories and industries
3) Chemical pollutant like VOC. Volatile organic compounds is a supergroup of many gases. Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Hydrocarbons and similar constituents are a part of VOC umbrella.

How about the calibration certificate?
FORBIX Osaühing factory does not issue any calibration certificate. Though, customers can demand for test report corresponding to the device. But this is only on need basis.

Can I use the meter outdoors?
FORBIX Osaühing air quality monitors designed for indoor purposes. Though, it is possible to use these machines outdoor as well. Exposing to rough climatic conditions (outdoors), might affect the sensor performance. If exposed,sensor detorates, because of dust particles and humidity.

Frequently asked questions on air monitors

Why 3 seperate monitors?
Because the detection mechanism of these types of sensors, the monitors are seperate. Moreover, there is space and power constraint for the handheld units. Therefore, individual sensors help in identifying the pollution content accurately.

Can a common monitor serve for all 3 different pollutants?
Yes, it is possible to design such a device. However, the enclosure model will change for the model. But the power supply will not be battery, making it a desktop machine and not portable.

What is Formaldehyde and where is it found?
Formaldehyde is a harmful chemical found rather household items like wood, paints.
More information found here.

Air monitor machine usability

What batteries the device uses and what is the battery life?
Since, all the three air monitors are similar in design architecture. They therefore, run on 6Volt DC (4 x 1.5vdc AA batteries). Though, with the backlight turned on the batteries lasts for a few hours. However, without the backlight the battery can run for many days. Further, user should turn on the air monitors for just a few minutes. After a few readings, it is better to turn off the monitor to save battery life.

Does the device has RS485 or data logging capability?
Though present Yellow-Fox designs do not cater for data logging. If the market survey results show a demand logging, then our air monitors will migrate to the next level. Horeover, this feature will include real time clock (RTC) and SD-card based data logging.

What the meter material made up?
The air monitors composed of tough ABS plastic material. The display is LCD (glass) with plastic cover shield. Backpack battery unit made of plastic. Sensors made of glass / LASER diodes / receptors / IR films as per technology. The unit is fragile and can permanently damage if dropped on a hard surface.