Wireless long distance remote control

7xx remote control set 

Researchers at FORBIX OÜ developed and very efficient method of wireless long distance remote control for SOS signal transfer. The solution comprises of a transmitter and a receiver unit. The way these wireless devices work, is by emitting an electromagnetic radio frequency wave. Signals carry from the remote controller to the receiver.

The remote controller comprises of the long range transmitter. It works on a rechargeable battery for its operation. The receiver is inside IP65 ABS plastic enclosure. To able to sustain outdoor weather conditions, we have a metallic enclosure around it.

Features: remote control transmitter

Model: FBX722 (remote controller)

  • 2 buttons (ON / OFF)
  • YELLOW button (CALL) – Alarm ON
  • RED button (CANCEL) – Alarm OFF
  • Each button has a corresponding light indicator of same color next to it. It glows when the button is pressed
  • 1 blue light indicator SYNC signal. This is an indication that signals are leaving the remote controller
  • Powered by inbuilt rechargeable battery, micro USB charging point
  • Charging status:
    • RED light: charging in progress
    • BLUE light: charging completed
  • 90 degree foldable antenna (use antenna unfolded, for better range)
Features: 1 port relay receiver

Model: FBX7R30M (30 Amps relay receiver)

  • Single channel receiver
  • 1 port potential free, 30Amps relay output
  • 1 indicators RED light in the front 1 port relay
  • 1 indicator BLUE SYNC light to check signal reception
  • Electronic circuit in insulated IP65 ABS plastic enclosure
  • Outer enclosure metallic (mild steel), to save from outdoor weather conditions
  • 2 meter wire (magnetic) antenna
  • Metallic box can be mounted on a wall or secured to a pole
  • Unwind the antenna wire and point the antenna tip to the sky
  • The receiver runs on 12 volt supply. 110-220VAC adapter converter is provided along the set
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