Wireless restaurant waiter calling system

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Wireless restaurant waiter calling system helps customers to summon waiters to dining table. Customers can call the waiters for placing the order or even cheque/bill demand.  Available models below: (10 tables to 32 tables)

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Restaurant waiter calling system

Wireless restaurant waiter calling system helps customers at dining table to call waiters. The system is very hand for restaurants, hotels, cafe’s and similar places. The system runs on latest wireless cutting edge technology. Moreover, we use technology that enables low power and long range transmitters. Hence the customer bells battery runs for long. However, customer has a remote on the dining table. On the press of the remote, radio signals propagate through the air. As a result, the receiver unit in kitchen catches these radio signals. The corresponding table number flashes on the display, then some customer calls.

In addition, the solution comprises of variable sets. Starting from 10 table system to as much as 32 tables. However, the remote controller has 3 buttons. Top and middle button to call, whereas bottom button to cancel the call. Whenever, customer presses the call button, respective number indicator glows on receiver. Moreover, this accompanies beeping sound to alert the waiter at kitchen. After the waiter has attended the customer, he can press the cancel button to disengage the call.

Restaurant waiter calling system models

The model numbers are FBXWACSxx (where xx stand for the number of tables). For the restaurant waiter calling system xx varies from 10 remotes to even 32 table remotes. However, to enhance the range of communication, repeater booster helps. This can improve the range to considerable amount. Additional repeater enhances the range to even further distance. Moreover, it is possible to deploy any number of repeaters.

Salient features of restaurant waiter calling system:

  • Neither any wiring, nor any installation needed
  • Moreover, there is not future maintenance cost involved as well
  • There is no limitation the signal range, because repeaters signals can extent
  • The components needs reliable and works for many years
  • The remote controller battery lasts for 1-2 years. However, it is depends on the usage

Restaurant waiter calling system call buttons

Restaurant waiter calling system call buttons are wireless remote controllers. These are battery operated device. The batteries last long. Pressing the remote controller buttons, alerts to the kitchen. The range is around 20-30 meters indoors.

Repeaters and receivers

The receiver unit comprises of indicators and buzzer. When a particular remote presses the call button, corresponding number glows. Also the buzzer starts buzzing, this alerts the waiters. Once the waiter has attended the respective customer, he needs to press cancel button. This disengages the call. In an event if more than one customer calls, then all corresponding numbers will glow. The receiver comes in models of 10 indicators to even up to 32 indicators. It is possible to regulate the volume of the alert sound.

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32 table system, 23 table system, 16 table system, 12 table system, 10 table system


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