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Wireless alarm systems various signal range and alarm volume. 100-300m and even 2-3Kms 108 decibels and 118 db alarm sound level. Various combinations available of single and multiple remote systems for complete security.

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Wireless alarm systems

Wireless alarm system and panic siren set of solutions cater for building security. Border security forces, army patrolling party use the wireless alarm to alert post. In an event of panic or infiltration, security guard needs to press remote controller. RF signals from the remote propagate to the receiver siren. This gives and alert to the centralized location guard room about the panic. Immediately it is possible to take the next course of action.

There are various range of remote controllers that our factory produces. Ranging from a few 100 meters to even 2-3 kilometers. However, each of these remotes are capable to activating different models of sirens. Siren alerts are as low as 85 decibels, to 108 decibels and even 118 decibels. Moreover, display receivers show the calling remote controller number. This gives a clear idea of the panic post.


Building security

First of all wireless call systems come very useful for building security. Every security guard should rather carry a remote him. However, in sensing unwanted happenings, pressing the remote activates the siren. Since, the siren is at a distant location, there guard need not to be near the same. Moreover, it is possible to install multiple siren units all across the building.

Factory and office security

Moreover, other applications lies factories, plants, oil fields and even houses. When the guard on duty senses trouble, using the remote to alert helps to avoid the situation. The system is also used by office employees and lady staff member to alert security.

Army patrolling

Also army patrolling unit guards benefit from these short range wireless alarms. Where places like the santri is a few hundred meters away from the post. While sensing any trouble the army personnel uses the remote to alert the guard room. As a result, backup forces can then take the next course of action.

Factory and office security

Banks, hospitals and other public institutions also become safe these wireless alarms. Also during panic, robbery or bullying, staff members can use remote to alert security. The alarm also draws attention of many people in the premises.

Available models:

Models: Feature
Signal range in open line of sight (LoS)
FBX521 + FBXS01: 100m range remote (FBX521) + 108 decibel alarm (FBXS01)
Top button to turn ON the alarm
Center button to momentarily turn ON the alarm
Bottom button to turn OFF the alarm
FBX621 + FBXS01: 300m range remote (FBX621) + 108 decibel alarm (FBXS01)
Alarm button to activate the siren
Siren automatically turns off after few seconds
FBX521A + FBXS02: 300m range remote (FBX622) + 118 decibel alarm (FBXS02)
Top button to turn ON the siren
Bottom button to turn OFF the siren
FBX521 + FBXSR02: 100m range remote (FBX521) + 118 db and revolving light(FBXSR02)
Top button to turn ON the siren and light
Bottom button to turn OFF the siren and light
FBX622 + WACS01: 300m range remote (FBX622) + 85 decibels beeping sound
Top button to turn ON the buzzer
Bottom button to turn OFF the buzzer
Customized models: 1 remote multiple receivers
Non conflicting broadcast remotes multiple receivers
Continuous beeping sound on receiver or even continuous alarms

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WAS variants

100m signal + 108 db alarm, 300m signal + 108 db alarm auto off, 300m signal + 118 db alarm, 300m signal + 118db alarm + light, 300m signal + 85 db buzzer sound


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