Wireless attendant calling system

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Wireless attendant calling system helps customers to summon office peons to a cabin. Staff members can call office peons in their cabin. Also helps in alerting house attendant for old aged people and bed ridden patients. Available models: (1-9 call points)

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Wireless attendant calling system

Wireless attendant calling system is finds its place in offices, clubs, dispensaries. Remote controllers rather every officer, to summon attendant or peon. Meanwhile, the attendant has a common indicator unit mounted on the wall. When officer calls, by pressing the remote, respective indicator glows on the receiver. An alarming buzzing sound alerts the attendant or peon when indicator glows.

Once the peon has attended the caller, he can press the cancel button to disengage the call. Alternatively, peon can also possess additional remote controller to cancel the calls. Therefore, it is very handy for the attendant to cancel.

The system support from a single remote to as much as 9 remotes. Each remote runs on battery and lasts for rather many years without trouble. However, the range of communication is 20-30 meters indoors. The signal strength and therefore, the range can enhance by repeaters. Because, repeater boosters, catch radio signals from the remote controllers and forward. Moreover, it is possible to have more than one repeater. Hence, signals can propagate from multiple repeaters to the destination receiver.

Available models of wireless attendant wireless system

FBXWACS09: 9 remote calling system
FBXWACS08: 8 remote calling system
FBXWACS06C: 6 remote calling system additional 2 cancel remotes
FBXWACS06: 6 remote calling system
FBXWACS05: 5 remote calling system
FBXWACS05D: 5 remote calling system dual indicators
FBXWACS04: 4 remote calling system
FBXWACS03C: 3 remote calling system additional 1 cancel remote
FBXWACS03: 3 remote calling system
FBXWACS02: 2 remote calling system
FBXWACS01: Single remote calling system
Customized models: More than 1 receiver is possible

  • 1 remote 2 receiver
  • 1 remote 3 receivers

Customized alpha numeric numbering instead of 1,2,3…

Continuous beeping sound on receiver

Reset button call CANCELLATION on the receiver

Battery operated receivers

Wireless attendant calling system, salient features:

  • No wiring needed (only power chord connection to the receiver)
  • Absolutely No installation (plug-n-play devices)
  • Modular devices no future maintenance
  • The system works for rather many years without trouble
  • Remote controller batteries are replaceable and lasts for rather 2-3 years. Although the battery life depends on remote usage
  • However, if any particular remote is out of range, adding a repeater brings the signal in the network. Moreover, user can use more than one repeater as well
  • 110-220VAC to 12VDC adapter power plug supplied along the kit. Hence, it is an easy plug-n-play machine

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WACS variants

9 remote, 8 remote, 6 remote, 6 call+2 cancel remotes, 5 remote, 4 remote, 3 remote, 3 call + 1 cancel remote, 2 remote, 1 remote


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