Wireless alarm systems

  • wireless transmitter long range
  • wireless receiver alarms and sirens

Wireless alarm systems, transmitter (signal range 2-3Kms)

Wireless alarm systems transmitter helps sending SoS signals to as much as 2-3Kms to away. Consequently, alarm and sirens located at a far distance gets triggered. Hence, these transmitters help solve security problems in factories or border periphery areas. Factory produces different models of wireless alarm systems and transmitters. A few are handheld. While other transmitters are wall mount. However, the handheld unit is battery operated and is portable. The wall mount units are rather heavy and enclosed with IP65 type box.

FBX721 handheld single button
FBX722 handheld double button
FBX701 wall mount transmitter
FBX701AS transmitter with siren
FBX721 handheld single button
FBX711 11-channel transmitter
FBX701B remote triggered transmitter
FBXRC12 handheld 11 channel transmitter

FORBIX Osaühing 2-3km RF wireless remote controller

Border patrol remote control

FBX721 remote controller 1 button

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarm remote with call and cancel buttons

Long range remote control

FBX722 remote controller 2 button

FORBIX Osaühing panic alarm transmitter

Wireless alarm transmitter panic siren

FBX701AS wireless alarm transmitter siren

FORBIX Osaühing remote triggered transmitter

Remote operated transmitter

FBX701B, remote control transmitter

FORBIX Osaühing 11 channel transmitter

11 channel long range transmitter

FBX711, 2-3Kms signal range

Wireless alarm sirens

Sirens of wireless alarm systems get triggered on press of transmitter alarm button. Also there are different variations in the wireless alarm systems and siren loudness. From low volumes of 85 decibels, 108 db to rather 118db and even like 3km audible hooters. As a result customers can choose a specific loudness siren as per necessity. However all wireless siren receivers triggers through a distance of 2-3Km. Yet, it is possible to have complex combinations of transmitter and sirens architecture. Moreover, a transmitter can trigger many or a group of wireless alarm systems and sirens. Furthermore, multiple transmitters can also trigger a specific siren.

FBXS05 and FBXS04: signal range 2-3Kms
FBXS02 and FBXS01: signal range 100-300m
118db siren: audible range ~500m
108db siren: audible range ~50m
Hooter siren: audible range 3Km
FBXS05 118db siren
FBXS04 108db siren
FBXS02 118db siren
FBXS01 108db siren
FBX7L02R display with IP65 (outdoor)
FBX7L02S display with revolving light

FORBIX Osaühing wireless factory siren

Wireless factory siren

3-4 Km audible range

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarm 118 decibel

Wireless alarm 118 decibel

500m audible range

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarm 108 decibel

Wireless alarm 108 decibel

100m audible range

FORBIX Osaühing code blue receiver

Wireless alarm code blue

Code blue receiver

FORBIX Osaühing display receiver outdoor

Wireless display receiver outdoor

2-digit receiver outdoor

FORBIX Osaühing wireless receiver 1 channel

Wireless receiver 1 port

Receiver range 2-3Kms

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarm blue light

Wireless receiver with blue light

118 decibel siren and blue light

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarm red light

Wireless receiver with red light

118 decibel siren and red light

Applications of wireless alarm systems

Border patrol wireless alarm systems

Border patrol alarm set comprises of a set of rather 4 remote controllers and siren receiver. Patrolling party alerts the central post through the wireless alarm systems while patrolling.

FORBIX Osaühing border patrol alarm system

Wireless border patrol alarm

4 remote and 1 centralized siren

Border patrol 1 remote and multiple sirens

However, it is possible to alert multiple sirens with the help of 1 remote controller. This therefore, can form a group of remotes and siren that configures to the alarm set.

FORBIX Osaühing multiple siren border patrol alarm

Multiple siren boder patrol

1 remote and multiple sirens

Portable and fixed alarm transmitters

Both, the portable, as well as wall fixed transmitter can trigger siren receivers. Portable remote controllers are battery operated, whereas fixed ones runs of power supply. These wireless alarm systems alerts security and residents during a terrorist attack.

FORBIX Osaühing wireless alarm systems transmitters

Wireless transmitters

Portable and fixed transmitters

Wireless alarm systems configuration

The wireless alarm systems transmitters are possible in rather various configurations. Either, fixed wall mount type or light weight portable remote controller. Moreover, remote triggered transmitters are also in demand among customers.

FORBIX Osaühing various transmitter configurations

Types of transmitters

Various combinations

Gated community alarm systems

Because of increasing security threats in gated communities, wireless alarm systems helps. Therefore, now every house resident can alert the security by pressing remote control.

FORBIX Osaühing gated community security systems

Gated community security systems

Alarms to alert security

Wireless alarm for farmlands

Wireless alarm systems for farmlands alerts security at a rather distant location. However, the long range transmitter can send signals over 2-3Kms. Furthermore, the receiver displays the calling transmitter number.

FORBIX Osaühing farmland transmitter alarm systems

Farmland wireless alarm systems

Farmland alarm transmitters

11 channel remote controller

11 channel remote can control as much as 11 independent electric appliances. However, the range is 2-3Kms. Therefore, this feature enables the system to finds place in various industrial applications.

FORBIX Osaühing 11 channel remote controller

11 channel remote controller

11 channel remote 2-3Kms

Long range remotes for beach resorts

Since the beach resorts demands for long range communication between customers and waiters. Therefore, this solution comes handy with a 2-button waiter calling system. However, the signal range is 2-3Kms (safely more than needed).

FORBIX Osaühing long range remotes for beach resorts

Long range remotes for resorts

Beach resort calling system